Startup Clusters

Startup Clusters


Agriculture, Food and Water technologies are changing fast to adapt the global value chain and farm to market solutions needed. InnoP has global network of AgTech talents, Ag/water/energy partnership, and nutrition experts.

Renewable Energy

A paradigm shift for clean energy and smart mobility will reduce the climate change and green energy needs.


InnoP has focused on life sciences, biotechnology, healthcare, and environmental Cleantech startups and provide mentorship, access to government funding and global bio- venture funds.


InnoP attracts startup whose interest is internet based businesses including E-commerce, digital platform for services and new technology and innovation to support AgTech, and BioVentures


Future of the decision in companies will be based on AI and big data. InnoP has tech talent connection to support mentorship for the big data based new startups.

How are we Different?

Building a ground-up startup global business requires a strong mentor network, executive talent, customers, and peers.

InnoP Global has strong business ties in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and South America. Easier for InnoP to help US and global companies with strategic partnerships and launching products and services in a new country.