Global Mentorship

Global Entrepreneurial Hub & Shared Workspace

To build a ground-up Startup Global Business requires a strong Mentor Network, Executive Talents, Customers, and Peers.

InnoP provides a global connection for talented pools of professionals for mentorship, Tech Talents, and Investment Partners.

InnoP Global has a strong business partnership in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and South America and can expand partnership faster for local US companies:

  • Strategic launching products and services to a new country
  • Mentorship: Business Planning, IP Protection, and Investor Pitch Preparation
  • Brand promotion, attract in-country talents, team, and chamber
  • Build on stop-shop solutions for companies for the global launch
  • B2B and B2G support

InnoP Innovation Pathway:

Innovation is just not design and develop a product but also user-friendly products, new logistics approach to deliver products and services to customer, build new business models, processes of developing market, design brands and bring sustainability. Nurturing innovation and attract investor is priority for the InnoP through cluster partnership at local, regional, national and at the global level.

Business Plan and product prototypes may take years to happen but with accelerators mindset InnoP resources can get this done in months. Innop is committed to bring some of the entrepreneurial minds and experts from the innovative clinical academician, researchers and private sectors. Innop also organises bootcamps for one-on-one sessions with mentors of the relevant science, technology, business strategy and marketing field.

‚ÄčThe InnoP Startup incubator’s goal is to drive innovation and create opportunities for the entrepreneurs to accelerate startup locally and stay connected with global market and opportunities. Members will have access to clients, venture programs, investors and global mentor networks much fasters.

Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem

Bringing Balance To The Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem

The entrepreneurship ecosystem is just like any natural ecosystem- it is balanced only when all of its components are in harmony.

How to create a profitable business idea

Growing your big idea into a successful company